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Adhesive-resistant carton closing

TM-21A Automatic Orbital Tape Bander

The TM-21A is an automatic tape banding solution that securely closes wax-coated, glossy, and other hard-to-bond cartons faster and more reliably than rigid strapping material. Full-rotation orbital taping prevents pop-opens, protects your products, and operates as either a standalone or integrated unit.

banded box image

Perfect for:
Food packagers and others with adhesive-resistant cartons

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product image for TM-21A

Millwork and long item banding and taping

ST-3 Orbital Banding and Taping Solution

The ST-3 is an all-in-one banding and taping solution that eliminates the need for separate packaging systems. It’s perfect for long item packaging common in millwork with varying production volumes. 

millwork banded image

Perfect for:
Millwork houses and other long-item packagers

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product image of Madison Tape Bander

Automated carton stacking, indexing, and banding

AP-25 Automated Carton Stacking, Indexing, and Banding Solution

The Array Pack AP-25 is a fully automated carton stacking and banding system that offers revolutionary versatility, performance and reliable operation. The AP-25 integrates with your carton filling equipment to provide a seamless flow to packaging. It’s flexible enough to interchange quickly between various bundle configurations to minimize downtime. 

pharmaceutical banded image

Perfect for:
Pharmaceutical and contract packagers

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product image of AP-25

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