Securely close adhesive-resistant food cartons without frustrating strapping material.

The TM-21A is an automatic tape banding solution that securely closes wax-coated, glossy, and other hard-to-bond cartons faster and more reliably than rigid strapping material. Full-rotation orbital taping prevents pop-opens, protects your products, and operates as either a standalone or integrated unit.

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The Problem

Closing wax-coated, glossy, recycled, or other hard-to-bond cartons with traditional taping tools or strapping material means pop-opens, rework, and wasted money.


Traditional taping can’t bond to carton coatings, causing pop-opens.

Wax-coated, high-gloss, and recycled cartons make it hard for tape adhesive to form a solid bond. The inevitable pop-opens hurt your reputation and your bottomline.

Ask Yourself:
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Would tape be the optimal closing material for your cartons if it would bond reliably?

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If you’re using tape, how much money are you losing to pop-opens?

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If tape worked as it should, how much could you save in waste, material, and shipping costs?

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Rigid strapping material can be unreliable. It can damage cartons and jam or slow production lines.

Without a reliable taping solution, food packagers often resort to using rigid strapping material which often costs more to ship, frequently damages products, and loosens in transit. Unlike tape, strapping material also limits your ability to add branding, marketing and product information.

Ask Yourself:
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How much stress and expense could be saved if far fewer products were damaged by packaging inconsistencies?

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How much would customers and intermediaries appreciate taped rather than strapped cartons?

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How much better would your packages look if you could use branded tape?

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How much could you save if you were able to switch from straps to tape?

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The Solution

The TM-21A is the automatic taping system that perishable food packagers deserve.

We know there ought to be a way to make standard tapes work with difficult cartons and carton coatings. Let the TM-21A eliminate the need for strapping material so you can create exceptionally-secure packages at a fraction of the material and efficiency costs. Designed for anyone to operate and versatile enough to work on its own or seamlessly with upstream automation.

How it works, at a glance:

The Madison TM-21A Tape Bander is a fully-automated tape banding machine. An operator loads or upstream automation loads the carton onto the Entrance Conveyor. The carton then transfers onto the internal conveyors in the bander. A photo eye detects the lead edge of the incoming bundle and an encoder feeds the carton position and length to the PLC. The internal conveyors stop at the appropriate position for tape band placement and the carton is wrapped with one or more revolutions of tape. The conveyors then index to the next banding position and apply additional bands to the stack. Banded cartons are ejected onto the exit conveyor.  

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The TM-21A can be used as a standalone unit or integrated with upstream automation to ensure your line moves at maximum throughput. It’s perfect for food packagers who need a solution to taping hard-to-bond cartons.

Get the highest bundle integrity at the lowest per-bundle cost for virtually all your carton closing configurations and taping needs.

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Get detailed specifications and dimensions in a handy PDF.

View and download the TM-21A spec sheet file.

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Orbital taping encircles the entire carton to create a secure bond at the overlap—eliminating the need for adhesive to bond with the carton.

Orbital taping systems achieve incredibly secure bonds on coated cartons, even with standard tapes. Tape is applied around the carton, and secured to itself at an overlap. It’s highly-effective on wax-coated cartons, recycled fibers, and virtually all other hard-to-bond materials.

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Replace unreliable strapping materials with strong, product-friendly tape.

Stop settling for sub-par strapping materials. The TM-21A enables you to tape your cartons closed without worrying about pop-opens—saving materials costs, preventing line jams, and opening up more brand real estate on your packages.

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Why should food packagers switch to the TM-21A?

Here are five great reasons:

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It’s fully automated and integrates seamlessly with your existing line.

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Roll-changes and change-overs are fast and easy.

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It automatically adjusts for varying carton heights.

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It uses cost-effective, product-friendly tape.

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It enables you to use printable tapes, which can be used for branding, marketing, and product information.

Get in touch and learn more about bringing the TM-21A to your packaging workflow.

The TM-21A orbital tape bander is ideally suited for food product packagers thanks to its ability to tape hard-to-bond carton materials and keep perishable products safely secure to their final destinations. Overall ease of operation allows operators with minimal training to effectively operate the bander. 

All of our systems offer the speed, safety, ease of handling and operation, and dependability required to deliver the highest bundle integrity at the lowest cost.

Get in touch to let us know you’d like to learn more about the TM-21A and how it can save you time and money while improving packaging productivity. We’ll follow up within one business day and get the conversation started.

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