Automated Stacker and Bander

The Array Pack AP-25 is a fully automated carton stacking and banding system that offers revolutionary versatility, performance and reliable operation.

The AP-25 stacker collects product from an up-stream operation such as a carton filler machine in its first stage position until a predetermined count is achieved. From there, products are either indexed into the banding position or shifted over for the next column/row of product to be stacked. Once the entire bundle is accumulated, it's indexed into the banding position by a high-speed stepper motor.

AP-25 Applications:


This system is designed for maximum efficiency, cutting labor hours significantly over your run times. The AP-25 provides fully-automated carton stacking, indexing, and banding for:

  • Vertical stacked cartons
  • Horizontal stacked cartons
  • Vertical and horizontal stacked cartons


The AP-25 integrates with your carton filling equipment to provide a seamless flow to packaging. It's flexible enough to interchange quickly between various bundle configurations. For additional capability, the AP-25 can provide standalone stacking or coupled with the bander with or without the CE Auto Roll Changer. The system can handle pieces from 1"x 1"x 3" to 12"x 11"x 4".


Our high-performance stretch film brings a quality solution to your packaging, is completely recyclable, and is easy to use. Get the highest bundle integrity at the lowest per bundle cost.

Reactive Tension Control redefines the standard for bundle integrity by automatically adjusting to varying product sizes and shapes while allowing the operator to finitely control the bundle tension.

CE SmartBand & CE SecureBand

We've gone beyond developing a superior piece of banding equipment to create a 100% recyclable, barcode and product friendly banding material: CE SmartBand. This banding materials conforms to the size and shape of the product, creating the highest bundle integrity at the lowest per bundle cost. CE SmartBand has been engineered to securely hold the bundle without causing damage to your product or requiring cutting tools.

CE SecureBand is formulated for strength. This film is ideal for your heavy bundles and provides a great alternative to rigid plastic strapping. At a savings up to 90% per linear foot, CE SmartBand will provide the ROI you need and the bundle integrity you demand.


Bundle Width

3"- 12"*

Bundle Length

3" - 11"

Bundle Height

1" - 8"*


220 VAC, 3 phase, 15 Amp

Compressed Air

80 – 120 psi, 3 cfm max

Machine Dimensions

72.1”W x 47.1”D x 60.7”H

Machine Weight

2100 lbs. approx.


CE SmartBand • CE SecureBand 35mm-wide maximum width

* Contact us for additional product size options.

Ap-25 spec sheet