Heavy duty bands for bundling heavy duty equipment, safely and securely.

We know industrial banding and packaging equipment needs to keep up with demanding production schedules, often under harsh conditions. From banding and taping to carton taping and closing, our packaging solutions provide the highest bundle integrity at the lowest per bundle cost, ensuring heavy duty bundles are tightly secured while materials are protected from damage.

Secure and strong bundling for transit or in-plant transport

Easily remove bands without cutting tools

Choose from a wide range of available banding materials

Fit your specific needs with manual, semi-automated, and fully-automated systems

CE films and tapes create the highest bundle integrity at the lowest per bundle price

Stretch Banding

Our stretch banding solutions offer the versatility needed in most industrial packaging operations. Combined with our orbital bander design, our films and tapes conform to products of varying sizes, densities, and shapes, making them uniquely suited to save you time and money by streamlining your workflows.

Strapping tape

Our strapping tape provides steel-like strength in a thinner, more cost-efficient and product-friendly substrate.

Carton taping / Closing

The Madison Tape Bander's orbital design applies tape completely around the outside of the carton with a 2" tape-over-tape overlap on the bottom––tape over tape. This means it doesn't rely on the adhesion of the tape to the carton to stay closed. The small footprint makes the tape bander ideal for closing the carton at the end of the line, reducing redundant handling.