TM-21 (Madison Tape Bander)

Orbital Tape Bander

The TM-21 Madison Tape Bander is the ideal solution for a multitude of industrial tape applications. As an orbital tape applicator, the TM-21 applies virtually any kind of tape in adhesive levels from micro-adhesive (releasable) to permanent around the entire product. This is an ideal solution where traditional metal banding or poly-strapping creates less than ideal desired results.

TM-21 Applications:


The Madison Tape Bander is designed to run tape widths from 1” to 3” in a variety of adhesive levels.

  • Fast change-overs between tapes
  • Full color printing on a variety of tapes
  • Industrial-strength tape


The TM-21 can quickly move from workstation to workstation and product to product with little to no make-ready between projects. The TM-21 can quickly change between filament, strap, poly, and paper tape types.


Plastic and paper tapes provide all the print and retail marketing benefits of paper bands without the need of heat sealers or ultrasonic welders; meaning longer up-times, lower operating costs and less maintenance. Industrial strength tapes provide a great alternative to traditional strapping or metal bands.


Bundle Width

2"- 21"

Bundle Length

N/A - Pass Through Design

Bundle Height

1" - 16"


120 VAC, 15 Amp

Compressed Air

80 – 120 psi, 1 cfm max

Machine Dimensions

32”W x 20.3”D x 63”H

Machine Weight

400lbs. approx.

Tape Width

1" - 3"

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