TM-21A (Automated Orbital Tape Bander )

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The TM-21A Automated Orbital Tape Bander is the ideal solution for industrial tape applications. As an orbital tape applicator, it applies virtually any kind of tape in adhesive levels from removable to permanent around the entire product.

The TM-21A is the perfect solution when traditional metal banding or poly-strapping creates less than ideal results. It eliminates the need for metal or strapping material so you can create exceptionally secure packages at a fraction of the material and efficiency costs.

The TM-21A is designed for anyone to operate and versatile enough to work on its own or seamlessly with upstream automation.

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The Madison Tape Bander is designed to run tape widths from 1” to 3” in a variety of adhesive levels from Permanent to Tamper Evident.

  • Fast change-overs between tapes
  • Full color printing on a variety of tapes
  • Industrial-strength tape
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The TM-21A can be used as a standalone unit or integrated with upstream automation to ensure your line moves at maximum throughput.


Orbital taping systems achieve incredibly secure bonds on coated cartons, even with standard tapes. Tape is applied around the carton and secured to itself at an overlap. It’s highly-effective on wax-coated cartons, recycled fibers, and virtually all other hard-to-bond materials.


Bundle Width

6"- 20"

Bundle Length

N/A - Pass Through Design

Bundle Height

2.0"– 12.0"*


220 VAC, 15 Amp

Compressed Air

80 – 120 psi, 3 cfm max

Machine Dimensions

52.7”W x 40.0”D x 70”H

Machine Weight

600lbs. approx.

Tape Width

1” - 3” ( 25mm - 72mm )

* Consult factory for additional product size options

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