Get the highest bundle integrity at the lowest per-bundle cost for virtually all bundle configurations and banding needs.

Madison Banders has spent the past 10 plus years developing a better banding system that provides secure movement of materials and packaging without the band breakage, package or bundle damage, or the difficulty in removal common in conventional banding materials.

We've taken the strength, flexibility, cost savings and sustainability of stretch film and engineered banding systems that simplify the handling and application of this versatile banding material to a wide variety of bundles. Our banding film conforms to the shape of every bundle, making it the perfect solution for varying bundle thicknesses and dimensions.

Our solutions range from manual banding equipment to fully automated stacking and banding systems. All systems offer the speed, safety, ease of handling and operation and dependability required to deliver the highest bundle integrity at the lowest cost.


MPT Series

APT Series


Fully-automated carton stacking, indexing, and banding

The new AP-25 carton stacking and banding solution is revolutionary in its versatility, performance and reliable operation. The AP-25 collects product from an up-stream operation in the first stage position until a predetermined count is achieved. It can then be indexed into the banding position or shifted over for the next column or row of products to be stacked. Once the entire bundle is accumulated, the entire bundle is then indexed into the banding position by a high-speed stepper motor.


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