Minimize changeover time and maximize efficiency across your contract packaging operation.

Contract packaging and fulfillment teams need robust, versatile equipment that keeps projects moving and keeps clients happy every day. Banders need to create secure bundles in a variety of shapes and sizes and change between these shapes and sizes quickly and easily. Every minute spent down in make-ready mode counts against your bottomline.

Our packaging and banding equipment give you the versatile, user-friendly packaging solution you need to stay efficient and competitive each and every day.

Designed to maximize uptime, minimize changeover, and leave the smallest possible footprint on your facility, our wheeled packaging and banding systems let you quickly move your packaging line from one workstation to another and switchover projects with ease.

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With CE SmartBand, the MPT Series and automated APT Series banders provide the highest level of bundle versatility at the lowest per bundle cost. CE SmartBand conforms to the unique size and shape of the product, effectively providing a 3D band. CE SmartBand is 100% recyclable, does not require the use of cutting tools to be removed.

Being able to securely hold a bundle, without damaging the product, is exactly why CE SmartBand was developed. We know your client's products must reach the shelf looking the same as when they leave your facility. CE SmartBand not only secures the product into an efficient to handle bundle, but also locks the bundles together when stacked. This material creates a non-adhesive bond with the product and other CE SmartBanded bundles; effectively unitizing the actual products and the bundles.

Save time in transition.

Switch from one SKU to the next, to the next, to the next, with virtually no make-ready.

Maximize uptime.

Many of the largest contract packagers rely on our machines to keep their operations on-time and on-budget every single day.

Stay agile.

Our packaging equipment is prized for its small footprint and high-mobility––two things that help contract packagers deliver with minimal turnaround time.


Our stretch film banders and stackers give pharmaceutical manufacturers the efficiency and strength they need in a product bundling solution at a fraction of the cost of materials and labor. Our banders use the same cost-effective film used to band large palettes––simply scaling the width down to 35 millimeters. Compared to paper or clear poly banders, our solutions save manufacturers 70% to 90% in material costs while improving handling simultaneously. Bundles can be pulled apart for convenient, damage-free stocking.

Stretch Banding

We've taken the strength, flexibility, cost savings and sustainability of stretch film and engineered banding systems that simplify the handling and application of this versatile banding material to a wide variety of bundles. Our banding film conforms to the shape of every bundle, making it the perfect solution for varying bundle thicknesses and dimensions. Our solutions range from manual banding equipment to fully automated stacking and banding systems. All systems offer the speed, safety, ease of handling and operation and dependability required to deliver the highest bundle integrity at the lowest cost.

Carton Stacking

Card Sorting