Cost-efficient, convenient pharmaceutical product banding and stacking.

Our stretch film banders and stackers give pharmaceutical manufacturers the efficiency and strength they need in a product bundling solution at a fraction of the cost of materials and labor. Our banders use the same cost-effective film used to band large palettes––simply scaling the width down to 35 millimeters.

Compared to paper or clear poly banders, our solutions save manufacturers 70% to 90% in material costs while improving handling simultaneously. CE Bands are product-safe and do not require the use of cutting tools to be removed!


MPT Series

APT Series

Semi-automated and fully-automated stretch film banding

The APT Series is a “plug and play” system that can be used on its own or upgraded and customized to fulfill specific banding requirements. The superior reliability, easy operation and low cost of ownership make this the ideal banding solution.


Fully-automated carton stacking, indexing, and banding

The new AP-25 carton stacking and banding solution is revolutionary in its versatility, performance and reliable operation. The AP-25 collects product from an up-stream operation in the first stage position until a predetermined count is achieved. It can then be indexed into the banding position or shifted over for the next column or row of products to be stacked. Once the entire bundle is accumulated, the entire bundle is then indexed into the banding position by a high-speed stepper motor.

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