Stack and band a variety of print products with maximum versatility, efficiency, and seamless workflow integration.

Our MPT Series banders were designed specifically for the challenges of the print industry. 10-second roll changes, jam-proof design, easy operation, and Reactive Tension Control all combine to give you the highest bundle integrity at the lowest per bundle price. For print and stack applications, the SB-25 gives you a new way to sort, stack, and band print products. Designed for maximum efficiency, the SB-25 provides automated stacking and banding for a variety of print products, including gift cards, saddle-stitched and perfect-bound books, photo cards/books, and more. Seamless integration with new or existing product lines gives you a secure, efficient end-of-line packaging solution that can quickly interchange between product size and bundle configurations, significantly cutting labor hours over your run times.


MPT Series

Manual and semi-automated stretch film banding

At 25-30 bundles per minute, the MPT Series banders can handle your high-volume production lines. Industrial-grade components, exacting design and manufacturing standards give you trouble-free operation and performance all day long. 10-second roll changes help keep the bander doing what it does best: keeping your line running.