OS Series (Automated Inline Banding Systems)


The OS-1 and OS-2 systems provide automated banding for batching and sequentially numbered products, pre-stacked or collected products, and manual or automated loading. Built for efficiency, the OS Series systems can cut labor hours significantly over your run times.

The OS-1 and OS2 lines automatically convey products in and out using either a single or dual overhead shuttle system. The OS-1 infeed shuttle moves the product into the banding position. It can be ejected after the banding cycle with conveyors or the incoming bundle.

The OS-2 infeed shuttle transfers the product into the banding position and headstop. The infeed shuttle lifts and retracts for the incoming bundle. After the banding cycle, the headstop moves to eject the banded bundle.


Our high-performance stretch film brings a quality solution to your packaging, is completely recyclable, and is easy to use. Count on Controls Engineering to bring you the highest bundle integrity at the lowest per bundle cost.

Cost Savings

The OS Series bander uses a banding material that is a fraction of the cost of other banding consumables; often providing an ROI solely on consumable savings in less than 6 months. What's more, it's designed and manufactured to require no preventative maintenance. By using the highest quality, precision machined components, each bander can perform even under the most demanding production environments.


The OS Series is designed, manufactured, and assembled here in the United States of America. Industrial-grade components, exacting design, and manufacturing standards are behind the trouble-free operation and performance.


Designed for entry-level employees to operate with only minutes of training with step-by-step instructions and an easy-to-read touch screen display.

Automatic Roll Change

Automatic roll changes help keep the bander doing what it does best: keeping your line running.


The OS Series uses 100% recyclable LLDPE banding material that can be co-mingled with existing stretch film recycling programs.


Bundle Width

3"– 12"*

Bundle Length

4”– 11”

Bundle Height

0.5"– 7"*


220 VAC, 3 phase, 15 Amp

Compressed Air

80 – 120 psi, 3 cfm max

Machine Dimensions

See spec sheet

Machine Weight

1200 lb approx.


35 mm - 72mm wide

* Contact us for additional product size options.

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