Stop wasting time and money banding millwork by hand.

The ST-3 is an all-in-one long item packaging solution that combines banding and taping into a single, affordable system — perfect for millwork and long product bundling.

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The Problem

Banding and taping millwork by hand is slow, laborious, and wasteful. 


Banding and taping millwork by hand slows down your line and costs valuable labor hours.

Bundling millwork and taping packages with hand-held tools hurts productivity and adds labor hours that work against your bottom line.

Ask Yourself:
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Are you bundling your products and taping packages with traditional hand-held tools?

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How many labor hours are manual packaging costing you?

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If you could eliminate or reassign packaging labor, how much could you save by cutting person-hours over your run times?

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Manual bundling and packaging leads to inconsistent quality and product damage.

Hand-held banders and tapers invite inconsistencies and product damage (not to mention wasted material that adds up quickly). This hurts the customer’s satisfaction, your reputation, and again, your bottom line.

Ask Yourself:
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How much stress and expense could you eliminate if far fewer products were damaged by packaging inconsistencies?

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How much would customers and intermediaries appreciate perfectly-packaged products?

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How much could you save if you wasted less packaging material?

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Some millwork companies don't have the volume to justify buying standalone banding and taping systems.

Millwork manufacturers deserve better packaging tools. But what can they do if their run volumes aren’t high enough to make standalone banding and taping systems worth it?

Ask Yourself:
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Would you benefit from a better packaging system for your long items?

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Would separate banding and taping systems be overkill?

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Would a single, affordable banding and taping solution that eliminated hand tools be ideal for your line?

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The Solution

The ST-3 is the all-in-one banding and taping system millwork houses deserve.

We all know there should be a better way to band and tape millwork. Let the ST-3 eliminate by-hand bundling and taping so you can save labor hours and focus on hitting your profitability goals. Designed for anyone to operate and super-fast switchovers.

How it works, at a glance:

The ST-3 can run both stretch film and pressure sensitive tapes from 1-3” wide. The touchscreen allows users to effortlessly switch between tape or stretch film. Simply load the desired material and the bander does the rest. For added capability, the ST-3 can operate as a standalone unit or be integrated with new or existing automation.

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The ST-3 is an all-in-one banding and taping solution that eliminates the need for separate packaging systems. It’s perfect for long item packaging common in millwork with varying production volumes. 

Get the highest bundle integrity at the lowest per-bundle cost for virtually all your bundle configurations and banding needs.

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Get detailed specifications and dimensions in a handy PDF.

View and download the ST-3 spec sheet file.

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Save labor hours. Package your millwork faster.

The ST-3 is many times faster, easier, and more efficient than packaging millwork by hand. It saves labor hours, quickly switches between stretch film and tape, and enables you to get more products packaged in much less time.

  • 10-second roll changes
  • Load-and-leave banding
  • Finite tension control
  • Intuitive touchscreen controls
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Get high-quality packages every time without damaging your products.

The ST-3 securely holds heavy manufactured goods in a variety of counts without causing damage to closing cartons or other packaging. Unlike banding or taping by hand, you’ll get the same high-quality bundles each time.

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Get the capability of separate packaging systems without the price tag.

The ST-3 is perfect for millwork houses that don’t have the volume to require separate banding or taping machines. You’ll realize ROI no matter how much or how little product you run.

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Why should millwork houses switch from manual packaging to a banding and taping solution?

Here are five great reasons:

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It improves productivity and efficiency

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It reduces labor costs

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It protects product quality and integrity

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It improves customer satisfaction

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It eliminates the need for standalone systems

Get in touch and learn more about bringing the ST-3 to your packaging workflow.

The ST-3 bander is ideally suited for millwork thanks to ease of handling long items and the unmatched ability to change between projects with little to no make-ready or machine adjustments. Overall ease of operation allows operators with minimal training to effectively operate the bander. 

Get in touch to let us know you’d like to learn more about the ST-3 and how it can save you time and money while improving packaging productivity. We’ll follow up within one business day and get the conversation started.

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