Semi and Fully-Automated Bander

The APT-17 is a “plug and play” system that can be used on its own or upgraded and customized to fulfill specific banding requirements. The superior reliability, easy operation and low cost of ownership make this the ideal banding solution. The sophisticated design provides all the benefits of full automation while maintaining a small enough footprint to easily move from workstation to workstation.

With its Reactive Tension Control, the APT-17 redefines the standard for bundle integrity. This system automatically adjusts to varying product sizes and shapes while allowing the operator to finitely control the bundle tension. The Reactive Tension Control system automatically adjusts for varying sizes and shapes of products. This system also provides the operator with finite adjustment settings for superior bundle integrity.

Programmable run modes

Center Mode: The APT-17 scans the length of the product and automatically places the band on the middle of the bundle.

Index Mode: The operator enters the desired band location and the APT does the rest. This mode is ideal for banding long pieces that require multiple band locations per bundle.

Spiral Mode: The APT applies a continuous band of film over the bundle. The operator can program the desired length of the wrap and control the amount of overlap for each band.


The APT-17 has automated in-feed and eject belts for peak efficiency. For further cycle time reduction, a servo pusher is available as an option. Servo technology allows the pusher arm to position itself close to the bundle during the stack’s final compensation––achieving a shorter ejection distance. Due to the reduced pusher force the, bundle quality is preserved.

Cost Savings

The APT-17 bander uses a banding material that is a fraction of the cost of other banding consumables; often providing an ROI solely on consumable savings in less than 6 months. What's more, it's designed and manufactured to require no preventative maintenance. By using the highest quality, precision machined components, each bander can perform even under the most demanding production environments.


The APT-17 is designed, manufactured and assembled here in the United States of America. Industrial grade components, exacting design and manufacturing standards are behind the trouble-free operation and performance.


Designed for entry level employees to operate with only minutes of training with step by step instructions and an easy to read touch screen display.

Automatic Roll Change

Automatic roll changes help keep the bander doing what it does best: keeping your line running.


Reactive Tension Control System gives you the ability to band a single brochure and still give the strength to securely hold a 20-pound mail bundle.


The APT-17 uses 100% recyclable LLDPE banding material that can be co-mingled with existing stretch film recycling programs.

CE SmartBand & CE SecureBand

We've gone beyond developing a superior piece of banding equipment to create a 100% recyclable, barcode and product friendly banding material: CE SmartBand. This banding materials conforms to the size and shape of the product, creating the highest bundle integrity at the lowest per bundle cost. CE SmartBand has been engineered to securely hold the bundle without causing damage to your product or requiring cutting tools.

CE SecureBand is formulated for strength. This film is ideal for your heavy bundles and provides a great alternative to rigid plastic strapping. At a savings up to 90% per linear foot, CE SmartBand will provide the ROI you need and the bundle integrity you demand.


Bundle Width

3"- 17"*

Bundle Length

4" - N/A

Bundle Height

1" - 9"*


120 VAC, +/- 10%, 15 Amp

Compressed Air

80-120 psi, 1.0cfm, clean, dry air

Machine Dimensions

32”W x 21.5”D x 56”H

Machine Weight

600 lbs. approx.


CE SmartBand • CE SecureBand 35mm-wide maximum width

* Contact us for additional product size options.

ApT-17 spec sheet

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